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Crack Repairs

The most common cause of cracks is shrinkage or expansion of basement walls. These cracks initially arise from the curing of the concrete used to build the basement. Because cracks can worsen if they are left unattended, the issue should be dealt with as soon as it is discovered. These cracks, when faced with external water pressure from the soil, rain or snow, leak and cause moisture to enter your basement.

Crack Repairs

Types of Cracks

There are two main types of basement cracks:

  1. Vertical Cracks: These are caused by concrete wall stress and foundation movement.
  2. Horizontal Cracks: These are caused when the structure of your basement walls become compromised due to external stress.

Dealing with Cracks

There are many methods to deal with the problem of cracks. These include:

  • Crack Sealing (Injection): This is a process whereby the basement foundation crack is sealed by injecting an epoxy or resin.
  • Concrete Repair: Concrete walls and or floor are resurfaced.
  • Crack Stitching: This involves the use of strong staples which are lined up over the sealed crack to reinforce it.
  • Basement Drainage: This prevents water from putting immense pressure on basement cracks and allows the water to be easily expelled from the basement.

If you are experiencing the problem of basement cracks, we, the experts at Superior Waterproofing Systems, are well equipped to repair your basements cracks. Call us today for a consultation and we will let you know the best method crack sealing (injection), concrete repair, crack stitching or basement drainage to deal with your distinct cracking problem.