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Crawl Space Solutions

A basement that is too low for one to stand up in is a deemed a crawl space. Crawl spaces are usually used to harbour unseen structural fixtures such as plumbing pipes and may also provide the property owner with extra storage space.

Craw Space Solutions

It is of utter importance that your crawl space is finished as it is an integral part to your property’s structure. Unfinished crawl spaces are a major issue as they can lead to severe damage to the structural support of your property due to increased levels of moisture exposure. This moisture is a result of rain and melting snow, or the condensation of cool damp air in your space. An inadequate space can also lead to the owner spending a lot more money on the energy costs of interior climate control due to insufficient crawl space insulation. This can damage the integrity of your property and may cause it to be undervalued on the market.

A damp crawl space should be addressed as soon as possible as it provides ideal conditions for mould and mildew. These elements translate into serious health hazards and can spread through your entire house or building due to the stack effect. The stack effect is the process by which air is sucked up from the crawl space to the main area of the property.

It is imperative that your crawl space be checked to make sure that it is kept dry as the key issue one should address when embarking upon a crawl space solution, is to stop moisture from getting in. At Superior Waterproofing Services we offer a wide range of crawl space solutions to address your crawl space problems including Crawl Space Encapsulation.