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Leaky or Wet Basement in Brantford

Basement waterproofing in Brantford is very important as moisture can not only weaken your basement’s foundation walls but also pose health issues.

The integrity of your property’s foundation walls is extremely important as these walls are primarily responsible for holding up the above structure. Wet basement walls are caused by the hydrostatic pressure of water in the soil surrounding your basement and as a result walls tend to be severely weakened. This water can expand cracks and speed up the rusting of the metal framework in your basement walls.

Mould and mildew growth in your Brantford basement is also a major issue as these elements release spores and allergens which cause respiratory implications to the inhabitants of the entire property. This occurs as a result of the stack effect which facilitates the movement of these spores from your basement up to the rest of your property.

It is thus imperative that you contact basement waterproofing professionals to attend to your leaky basement before excessive damage occurs.

Superior Waterproofing Solutions is well suited to deal with all your moist basement problems in Brantford and are here to get you that fully waterproofed basement you need.
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