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Drainage Installation and Repair

Drainage systems provide a direct, regulated path to lead excess water away from your basement. Adequate drainage systems are very important as they can determine the integrity of your basement. Improper drains can lead to serious water related issues which would subsequently lead to property damage. Below is a table outlining a few of the common drainage problems and solutions.

Drainage Installation


  • Leaky Basement Walls
  • Basement Floor Flooding
  • Basement Window Flooding


  • Installation or Repair of Weeping Tile
  • Installation or Repair of Sump Pump Basin and Sump Pump
  • Installation or Repair of Window Well

It is equally important to maintain your drainage systems by having them checked regularly. As slow draining, leaky drains and completely blocked drains can lead to basement water problems as well. At Superior Waterproofing Solutions we are well equipped to facilitate all your drainage installation and repair needs.