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Wall Stabilization


Crumbling FoundationsOlder homes may be built on fieldstone foundations which may have been deteriorating for many years. This is a very serious situation and should be repair by experienced professionals.

The mortar holding the fieldstones may have become powdery or there might not be a footing underneath the fieldstone wall. If there is no footing supporting the foundation wall, we will underpin the foundation which is completed in 4 foot sections to prevent the wall from severe damages.

If the fieldstone walls are uneven and rough, we will need to form a concrete wall against the old fieldstone, and install threaded rebar with steel plates to structurally repair the foundation.


Carbon Fibre Structural Repairs

Superior Waterproofing Solutions utilizes carbon fibre technology that integrates the advancements made in aerospace to basement wall repair solutions to strengthen and stabilize your home’s foundation. In particular, structural reinforcement of bowed, cracked or bulging block constructed basement walls.

Constant pressure from moist soil erodes mortar and allows blocks to slowly displace, resulting in cracked foundations and bulging or bowed basement walls that allow moisture to find its way in.

Carbon fibre is more than 10 times stronger than steel and 40 times lighter than steel. It will never corrode like steel and there is no need for costly excavation or drilling into the foundation walls.

Wall Stabilization Wall Stabilization