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Crack Injection


Superior Waterproofing Solutions in conjunction with Superior Seal Injection Services, provide its customers with leading edge epoxy and polyurethane resin technology, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial applications. Chemical grouting and epoxy injection is a skilled, specialized trade and proper training, equipment and a thorough understanding on how the chemicals will react to achieve superior results to stop water permanently with desired structural and/or tensile strength.

We have successfully completed structural repairs and flexible waterproofing solutions for:

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Bridge Repairs
  • Elevator Shafts
  • Machinery Pits
  • Thousands of Residential


Epoxy Injection SystemsEpoxy resin technology is used for structural concrete crack repairs and once the resin cures properly the repair is actually stronger than the concrete itself. Epoxy resins have different viscosities, exothermic chemical reactions, structural strengths, and cure times which makes it necessary to properly diagnose the proper epoxy solution for each individual project.


Crack Injection SystemsPolyurethane resin is used for expansion joints and concrete cracks that are actively leaking.

There are 2 basic polyurethane resins, hydrophobic and hydrophilic resin. Hydrophilic resin loves water and actively searches for any presence of water in a concrete structure.

Hydrophobic resin does not like water, and pushes water when it is comes in contact with this chemical. Polyurethane injection provides a triple seal within a concrete crack or void, a compression seal, mechanical seal bonding to the pores of the concrete, and a flexible elastomeric seal that enables the concrete crack to remain sealed during seasonal temperature changes and soil movements.

At Superior Waterproofing Solutions, we are the foundation crack specialists people can trust, we also help out with Ontario’s New Home Warranty Corporation (Tarion) with their foundation responsibilities with homeowners.