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Interior Waterproofing

Interior basement waterproofing is usually an option where the basement walls canít be accessed through the outside or the basement is unfinished. Hydrostatic pressure is a major problem that causes water from the soil surrounding your basement to seep in either through cracks or the wall itself. Moisture in your basement foundation walls leads to a number of problems. The strength of your basement foundation is compromised as well as the health of your basement due to the growth of moulds and allergens.

An interior membrane is thus imperative to keeping the integrity of your basement intact as it stops the entry of this water into your basement and provides basement insulation.


Superior Waterproofing Solutions continues to be on the leading edge of waterproofing technology, along with its Hydraway Drainage Systems partnership. The advantages of the Superior Waterproofing Solutions interior hydraway waterproofing system, as compared to other waterproofing systems are:

hydraway drainage systems
  • Polypropylene filtration ensures the Hydraway Drainage System will never clog. There aren’t any known failures - worldwide. Maintenance free, clog resistant
  • Will not support fungus or mould growth.
  • 90 % Omni directional water entry rate.
  • 70 % higher water flow rate than traditional weeping tile.
  • Hydraway is placed besides the footing of the foundation; other Basement Systems will compromise the structural integrity of the footing of the foundation.
  • Mould resistant membrane fastened onto foundation walls.


Hydraway Drain 2000 is made of heavy-duty, clog resistant geotextile fabric, permanently bonded to a rugged polyethylene lattice for strength and support.

Hydraway 2000 Hydraway 2000