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Why Should I Fix My Wet Basement?

You want to call in a professional like Superior Waterproofing but you are not sure about the cost of waterproofing versus the advantages. If you have ever wondered if waterproofing your basement is the right thing to do then read the key points below to discover some the benefits of a dry basement.

Increase the property value of your home

Nothing drops the resell price of a home like a wet and smelly basement. Just think, if you don't like the idea of messing around in a wet basement, neither will your potential buyers. By waterproofing your basement you can increase the value of your home by much as 25%.

Increase the structural integrity of your foundation

The largest cause of foundation failure is long-term and chronic water damage. If you think waterproofing is expensive, just do some research and check out the cost of redoing a couple of walls in your foundation. You will quickly see why waterproofing a wet basement can turn out to be a great bargain.

You can have a healthier home for your family

Wet basements increase the humidity all though your house. The increased moisture is perfect breeding grounds for mould, mildews as well as dust mites. All of these conditions can cause health problems such as asthma, sinusitis, respiratory issues as well as permanent damage to the auto immune system.

Have a warmer house in the winter and save on heating costs

Humid air is harder to heat than dry air. When your house is damp due to a wet basement your heating system has to work overtime to heat any moisture-laden air. This in turn drives up your heating costs. This can be very expensive over the long term. The money you spend when hiring someone from a company like Superior Waterproofing can be made back from lower heating bills. Also, damp air makes you and your family feel colder so it is necessary to turn up your thermostat in order to feel comfortable in a humid environment. A dry basement will help solve this humidity problem allowing you to lower your household temperature.

Enjoy your new living space

Once you get that wet basement fixed you can turn all that new space into a playroom, home office, family room, exercise area or save if for safe, dry storage space. By waterproofing your basement, you increase your living area by almost double. The design possibility for all this new space is endless.

And most importantly

You will have peace of mind and a more comfortable home. Just think, no more worrying about the basement every time it rains. No stress and hassle of moving stuff around in the basement from wet spot to dry. Now your basement is a rediscovered addition to your home and no longer an eye sore and secret problem.

Now that you understand some of the benefits of fixing a wet basement, you can take the next step in hiring an expert contractor like Superior Waterproofing.